What is donkey hide gelatin made of

Donkey hide gelatin is a piece of glue made by boiling off the donkey's skin. After softening the donkey skin in clear water, remove the donkey hair on the donkey skin, then cut the donkey skin into small pieces and cook it. For the first time, put it into water and cook it for a quarter of an hour before taking it out; The second cooking takes three days and three nights. This process needs to be repeated five to six times, so that all the gum in the donkey skin can be dissolved; After filtration, add alum, and then make donkey hide gelatin through some techniques.

What is donkey hide gelatin made of

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Effect of donkey hide gelatin:

1. Blood deficiency syndrome: This product is an affectionate product of flesh and blood. It is sweet, flat and moist. It is an important medicine for tonifying blood. It is often used to treat blood deficiency syndrome, especially to treat blood deficiency caused by bleeding.

2. Bleeding syndrome: the taste is sweet and sticky, which is an important medicine for hemostasis.

3. Lung yin deficiency and dry cough: This product nourishes Yin and moistens the lung.

What is donkey hide gelatin made of

4. Fever injures Yin, upset insomnia, yin deficiency, wind movement, hand and foot pain: This product nourishes Yin to nourish kidney water.

5. Western medicine diagnosed anemia as liver blood deficiency, functional uterine bleeding, chronic gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhoids bleeding, bronchiectasis as blood deficiency bleeding, pulmonary tuberculosis, renal tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, menopausal syndrome, etc.

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