When do cherry blossoms bloom

Cherry blossoms bloom from March to April. The flowering period of a single cherry is about seven days, and the flowering period of the whole cherry tree is about half a month.

Cherry blossoms have bright colors and lush branches and leaves. They are important flower watching trees in early spring and are often used in gardens. In full bloom, the flowers are gorgeous, the trees are full of brilliance, like clouds and clouds, which is very spectacular.

When do cherry blossoms bloom

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Cherry blossom is a temperate and subtropical tree species. It likes sunshine and warm and humid climate conditions, and has certain cold resistance. The requirements for soil are not strict. It should grow in loose, fertile and well drained sandy loam, but it is not resistant to saline alkali soil. The root system is shallow, avoid ponding and low-lying land. It has certain cold and drought resistance, but weak resistance to smoke and wind, so it is not suitable to plant coastal areas with typhoons.

When do cherry blossoms bloom

Cherry blossom has the effect of shrinking pores and balancing oil. It is rich in natural vitamins A, B and E. cherry leaf flavonoids also have the effect of beauty, strengthening mucous membrane and promoting sugar metabolism. It is a flower that can be used to keep skin young.

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