When do chrysanthemums bloom

Chrysanthemums usually bloom in autumn, probably from September to November. However, the specific flowering time is also different due to different varieties and planting areas.

Summer chrysanthemum blooms once in May and September. Autumn chrysanthemum blooms early in mid and late September, and later in October November. Han chrysanthemum blooms from December to January next year.

When do chrysanthemums bloom

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Chrysanthemum appreciation has been a long-standing habit among Chinese people. From the ancient imperial court of Kyoto, officials and ordinary people to the people in today's Chinese cities, chrysanthemum appreciation activities in various forms such as chrysanthemum meeting, Chrysanthemum Exhibition and chrysanthemum style are held every autumn.

Chrysanthemum grows vigorously and has strong sprouting power. A chrysanthemum can produce thousands of flower buds after picking its heart for many times. Some varieties have soft and many branches, which are easy to make various shapes, forming exquisite shapes such as chrysanthemum tower, chrysanthemum bridge, chrysanthemum fence, chrysanthemum Pavilion, chrysanthemum door, chrysanthemum ball and so on.

When do chrysanthemums bloom

Chrysanthemum can be used as medicine to treat diseases. Taking or drinking chrysanthemum tea for a long time can make people live longer. Chrysanthemums can also be made into exquisite delicacies. "Chrysanthemum meat" is a kind of chrysanthemum vegetable made through long-term exploration. It is made of white and tender pork cooked with sucrose. It is exquisite and like white jade.

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