What is explosive salt

The main effective component of explosive salt is sodium percarbonate, commonly known as solid hydrogen peroxide, also known as sodium percarbonate, which is an inorganic salt. It is white granular powder, and its aqueous solution is alkaline, which can be decomposed into sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. It is usually used as an auxiliary for washing powder and has the function of oxidative bleaching.

What is explosive salt

There are two kinds of common explosive salts on the market: explosive salt detergent and explosive salt washing powder. Their biggest feature is that they are phosphorus and chlorine free. When used alone or as a washing aid together with ordinary washing powder, they can wash away all kinds of stubborn stains.

It should be emphasized that the meaning of the word "explosion" in the explosive salt is that after the explosive salt dissolves in water, sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide will be produced. The oxygen generated by the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide can accelerate the diffusion rate of sodium carbonate, which is very different from the usual "explosion".

What is explosive salt

Explosive salt contains natural reactive oxygen species, which can instantly remove a variety of stubborn stains that are difficult to be removed by washing powder, remove bacteria and peculiar smell, and do not damage clothing fibers, saving time and effort. It can be used simultaneously with washing powder or directly soaked and sprayed.

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