Do peacocks belong to birds or animals

Peacock belongs to birds, belonging to pheasant family of suborder chicken, also known as Yue bird. It is a large terrestrial pheasant produced in East Indies of Southeast Asia and India of South Asia. When the reproductive season comes in April and may every year, male peacocks often erect their tail feathers high and wide, gorgeous and dazzling. The female peacock chooses to mate according to the gorgeous degree of the male peacock's tail screen.

Do peacocks belong to birds or animals

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Peacock is a rare breeding bird encouraged by the state, which integrates viewing, eating and health care. Peacock meat is a game treasure with high protein, low fat and low cholesterol. It has high nutritional value and delicious meat. It is said that "old turtle in water and peacock in poultry". Volume 49 of the compendium of Materia Medica records that "* peacocks can dispel evil and can detoxify great poisons, hundreds of poisons and medicinal poisons". Its detoxification effect even exceeds that of pangolin.

Do peacocks belong to birds or animals

It is confirmed by modern science and technology that peacock meat has a complete variety of nutrients and is rich in various trace elements. The amino acid ratio is close to the ideal model recommended by the international food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization. It is high-quality protein and lean meat. Its fat, cholesterol and caloric indexes are better than ordinary poultry, animals and freshwater fish, and meet the extremely lean meat standard stipulated in the new food standard law of the United States.

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