What is a Salix

Salix is a kind of coral, which is closely related to the commonly eaten jellyfish. Salix, the scientific name of black coral, is named Salix because it grows into branches, has beautiful branches, flexible texture and similar shape to willows on land. Salix usually grows on seafloor rocks with a water depth of more than 30 meters and a height of 3-4 meters.

What is a Salix

Salix species:

There are dozens of varieties of Salix, including blood willow, red willow, red willow, black willow, stone willow, rattan willow, coral willow and golden willow. Red willow and black willow are common, blood willow and red willow are relatively rare, and golden willow is a very rare variety. Golden willow, like gold in color and in the shape of gold wire, develops into color and presents cat's eye effect, which is extremely beautiful.

What is a Salix

Salix value:

Sea willow is tough, bright in color, soft in luster and strong in resistance to fire and water immersion. It is an excellent material for making various works of art. The cigarette holder made of it has a certain filtering effect on nicotine. It is cool and refreshing when smoking and is deeply loved by people. It is often processed into various handicrafts, such as bracelets, ornaments, tea cups, rings, etc. Ancient Salix products are noble playthings for emperors, generals and dignitaries.

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