What is cat mint

Cat Mint is a plant. The scientific name of cat Mint is Schizonepeta tenuifolia. It belongs to the perennial herb of Schizonepeta genus in Labiatae. It looks like mint. Cat Mint has a strong smell and is effective for cats. Cats will be very excited when they smell this smell or eat cat mint, but it is not harmful to cats.

What is cat mint

Growth habits:

Cat Mint likes cold, full-time or semi sunshine environment, and the planting bed needs good drainage. It is produced in Europe, southwest Asia and Central Asia. Its flowers are light blue and toothed leaves. It is often planted by hedges and roadsides. It has strong growth capacity and blooms through summer. The flowers are white or light blue with toothed leaves. They are often planted by hedges, roadsides, or nurseries at home. Vigorous growth, flowers bloom through summer, often used as a border plant of lavender and rose, and can also form a sea of blue flowers.

What is cat mint

Medicinal value:

Cat Mint has certain pharmacological effects, such as evacuating wind heat, relieving muscle sweating, promoting pharynx and rash, hemostasis, and has good therapeutic effects on measles impervious and rheumatic pruritus.

It was found that the volatile oil of cat Mint had obvious pharmacological effects on the central, digestive and respiratory system. The main components of its volatile oil are terpenes. Cat Mint volatile oil can stimulate the central nervous system, increase the secretion of relevant glands, promote the relaxation of subcutaneous blood vessels and promote the diffusion of heat, so as to have the effect of cooling and clearing heat.

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