What is the ingredient of mohair

Mohair consists of Angora goat hair. Mohair is also called Angora goat hair. It gets its name from Turkish, which means "the best hair". It has good elasticity, pressure resistance and special luster. It is an excellent raw material for manufacturing plush fabrics. At present, it is one of the advanced animal textile fiber raw materials in the world market.

What is the ingredient of mohair

Mohair looks like sheep hair, but it is different. The scales are few and flat, close to the hair stem and rarely overlap. It has a bamboo like shape, which makes the fiber surface smooth and produces silk like luster. Its fabric has the characteristics of flash. The fiber is soft, high firmness, good durability, non felting, non pilling, easy to clean after contamination. Its magnificent appearance, high-grade feel and unique natural luster are unique in textile fibers.

What is the ingredient of mohair

The cortical layer of mohair is almost composed of positive cortical cells, and a small number of sub cortices are arranged in the positive cortex in a ring or mixed manner. Therefore, the fibers are rarely bent. They are more sensitive to some chemicals than ordinary wool and have strong affinity with dyes. The dyed color is transparent, soft and colorful, which can not be compared with other textile fibers.

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