What is the fresh air system

Fresh air system is a set of independent air handling system, which is composed of air supply system and exhaust system. It was invented by Rob Chun in 1935. The system uses special equipment to supply fresh air to the room on one side of the closed room, and then discharges it from the other side to the outside. A "fresh air flow field" will be formed indoors, so as to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation.

What is the fresh air system

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Fresh air system can be divided into ducted fresh air system and ductless fresh air system. The pipeline fresh air system is connected with the fresh air host through the pipeline. The system principle is that exhaust fans, exhaust pipes and other supporting facilities are installed in the kitchen and toilet, and air inlets are installed in the bedroom and living room. During the operation of the exhaust fan, the original indoor air is discharged to generate negative pressure in the indoor air. Under the action of the air pressure difference between the indoor and outer space, the outdoor fresh air enters the room through the air inlet, so as to achieve the purpose of indoor ventilation.

What is the fresh air system

Monomer fresh air system is a newly listed fresh air system product in recent years, including wall mounted fresh air system and floor mounted fresh air system. Its main structure is not much different from the central fresh air system. The difference is that the single fresh air system does not need complex pipeline engineering, the installation method is very simple, it can be installed before and after decoration, and the later maintenance cost is very low.

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