Can you eat the skin of fig

Can eat. Fresh fig peel has little taste. If it is immature, it is still sour and astringent. Peeling will taste better. People who pursue taste can peel it. Fig peel contains a lot of anthocyanins, vitamin E and vitamin C, which are strong antioxidants.

The dietary fiber in Fig peel can also be combined with cholesterol metabolites in the stomach, so as to play a certain role in weight loss. When eating figs, wash them clean, because there may be some floating ash and pesticide residues on the surface.

Can you eat the skin of fig

Fig contains a large amount of pectin, which can absorb a variety of toxic and harmful chemicals after water absorption and expansion. It can purify the intestine, promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria, adjust the imbalance of intestinal flora, restore the micro ecological balance of gastrointestinal tract, etc. Whether taken in decoction or used externally at the end of research, fig has the effects of detumescence and analgesia, and also has a certain adjuvant therapeutic effect on acute pharyngitis and sore throat.

Can you eat the skin of fig

Fresh figs can be eaten directly after washing, but people with deficiency of spleen and stomach should eat less, because this kind of fruit is cold. Fresh figs are dehydrated and made into dried figs, which are easy to preserve.

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