What does it mean to catch a duck on the shelf

The meaning of catching ducks on the shelf is: it is a metaphor for forcing people to do things that can't reach their ability. Anyone who has raised ducks knows that ducks won't be on the shelf like chickens. Therefore, it's hard for them to catch them on the shelf when raising ducks. It also shows that the duck keeper doesn't understand the law of duck life.

Its moral is that a leader forces his subordinates to do what they can't do without knowing them. From Gao Yang's "mother, son, monarch and Minister": "of course, it's not a matter of catching ducks on the shelf. Besides, I also know the weight. Don't worry."

What does it mean to catch a duck on the shelf

Sometimes it is also used to describe being forced by the situation and having to bite the bullet. The result of "catching up with ducks and putting them on the shelf" has two sides. One is expected, because it won't succeed. The other is unexpected. Forced by the desperate situation, it has played an unexpected potential and achieved surprising results.

What does it mean to catch a duck on the shelf

Examples of making sentences by catching ducks on the shelf:

1. According to the current situation, this seems to catch up with the duck.

2. You will sympathize with Carrick and Fletcher.

3. Under the banner of education, we let children keep learning this and that from ballet to basketball.

4. For today, let me stand here and tell you how to spend the key four years of college life, it's actually a bit on the shelf.

5. I know you laugh at my food, but I haven't seen DB2 since I came out of my womb until yesterday afternoon. Suddenly, I rushed to the shelves.

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