Is NSX the production date

NSX is the production date. NSX stands for production date in English, followed by date format of day, month and year. For example, NSX: 03, 07 and 13 are printed on the commodity package, which means that the production date of the commodity is July 3, 2013.

Is NSX the production date

In addition, HSD stands for English best before (expiration date), and the date format after it is still day, month and year. For example, HSD: 03, 07 and 13 are printed on the commodity package, that is, the expiration date of the commodity is July 3, 2013. It's best not to eat after this date.

The meaning of the shelf life on the food label refers to "the date when the food quality is guaranteed under the conditions specified on the label, and the food beyond the shelf life may still be edible". The "specified conditions" in the above generally refers to the storage methods, such as ventilation, drying, shade, etc. within the shelf life, the food is completely suitable for sale and consumption.

Is NSX the production date

When purchasing imported food, consumers should pay attention to identifying the Chinese label of the commodity. According to the food safety law, the label should include the country of origin of the food, the name, address and contact information of the importer or dealer. In addition, other label information can be identified by referring to the label information of similar domestic products.

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