What kind of garbage does lime soil belong to

Lime soil is dry waste. Dry garbage refers to other garbage, which refers to other domestic wastes except recyclables, harmful garbage and wet garbage.

Dry waste includes hard to recycle waste such as brick and tile ceramics, residue, toilet waste paper and porcelain fragments. Sanitary landfill can effectively reduce the pollution to groundwater, surface water, soil and air. In today's society, there is no good method to effectively dissolve other waste, so it needs to be produced as little as possible.

What kind of garbage does lime soil belong to

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Lime soil is a mineral soil with ashing sediment layer. It is a soil class of USDA soil classification. It is characterized by active iron, aluminum, amorphous clay and humus deposits in the section; Above the layer is a bleaching layer; The soil is wet or wet; The texture is loamy or sandy; It has high pH dependent cation exchange capacity and low base content. Lime soil is mainly distributed on the coarse acid parent material in the humid cold temperate zone, including lime soil, brown lime soil and shallow water lime soil.

What kind of garbage does lime soil belong to

The strength of lime soil prepared with cohesive soil is not lower than that prepared with other soils, but sometimes higher, because the house residue soil contains more active minerals. The strength of lime soil increases with the increase of ash content in a certain range.

However, when the limit is exceeded, the strength of lime soil will decrease. This is because hydrated lime will precipitate water in the process of calcification, which increases the plasticity of hydrated lime. The lime for lime soil is preferably ground quicklime powder, or block ash is poured with an appropriate amount of water and placed for 24 hours to form powdered hydrated lime.

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