What kind of garbage does the peel belong to

The peel belongs to wet garbage. Wet waste refers to the perishable biomass waste produced by daily domestic waste.

Wet waste mainly includes food waste, leftovers, expired food, vegetables and fruits, melon peel and core, flowers and green plants, traditional Chinese medicine residues, etc.

Wet waste is required to be pure liquid food waste, such as milk, which shall be directly poured into the water outlet. Wet waste with packaging shall be classified and put in after the packaging is removed. Please put the packaging in the corresponding recyclable or dry waste container.

What kind of garbage does the peel belong to

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Apple peel has astringent effect. It can be used to decoct soup or make tea to treat excessive gastric acid and phlegm. It can be dried and taken on an empty stomach (2 ~ 3 times a day). It has a certain curative effect on chronic diarrhea, neurocolitis, hypertension and other diseases. In addition, take a handful of fresh apple peel and mash it into mud, dip it in the cloth strip and wipe the bathtub, washbasin, toilet, etc. to make it bright as before.

What kind of garbage does the peel belong to

Grapefruit peel can regulate qi, reduce phlegm, relieve cough and asthma. Chop a grapefruit peel, steam it with an appropriate amount of honey or caramel, add a small amount of hot yellow rice wine, take it orally in the morning and evening, which can cure cough and asthma in the elderly; Take the decoction with grapefruit peel, which can dissolve phlegm, eliminate food, calm asthma and stop colic. In addition, putting grapefruit peel in the cupboard and refrigerator in the kitchen can remove the odor.

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