What rubbish is a bubble?

Foam is a recyclable waste. Recyclable waste refers to domestic waste suitable for recycling and resource utilization.

Recyclable waste mainly includes: waste paper, waste plastics, waste metals, waste packaging materials, waste textiles, waste electrical and electronic products, waste glass, waste paper plastic aluminum composite packaging, etc.

What rubbish is a bubble?

Expansion materials:

Foam plastic is a kind of polymer material formed by a large number of gas micropores dispersed in solid plastics. It has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption and shock absorption, and its dielectric property is better than that of matrix resin. It has a wide range of uses. Almost all kinds of plastics can be made into foam plastics. Foaming molding has become an important field in plastics processing. Foam plastics have very good sound absorption ability, can isolate sound, film studios and recording studios often use it to decorate walls, so as to control noise effectively.

What rubbish is a bubble?

Foam plastics, with excellent comprehensive properties, can meet the needs of various special uses. For example, glass fiber reinforced polyurethane foam prepared by reaction injection molding has been used as a structural component for aircraft, automobiles and computers. The foam plastics filled with hollow glass beads filled with polybenzimidazole are light and high temperature resistant, and have been used in spacecraft.

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