Which country does New Zealand belong to

New Zealand is an independent country, a parliamentary constitutional monarchy in the South Pacific. Its territory consists of the South Island and the North Island, separated by the Cook Strait. The South Island is adjacent to Antarctica. The North Island faces Fiji and Tonga. The capital Wellington and Auckland, the largest city, are located in the North Island.

Which country does New Zealand belong to

Extended data:

The Maori settled here in the 14th century. After 1642, the Dutch and British also came here successively. It became a British colony in 1840 and became a sovereign state in 1947. It is now a member of the Commonwealth.

New Zealand has a temperate marine climate, and the seasons are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. The temperature difference between the four seasons is small, the plants grow very luxuriantly, the forest coverage rate reaches 29%, and the natural pasture or farm accounts for half of the land area. The vast forests and pastures make new zealand a real green kingdom.

Which country does New Zealand belong to

New Zealand is a highly developed capitalist country. The world bank listed New Zealand as one of the most convenient countries to do business in the world. Its economy has successfully transformed from agriculture to an industrialized free market economy with international competitiveness.

The export value of pilose antler, mutton, dairy products and coarse wool ranks first in the world. New Zealand is also one of the most beautiful countries in Oceania, with a total of about 30% of its territory as protected areas. It has 3 World Heritage sites, 14 national parks, 3 marine parks, hundreds of nature reserves and ecological areas.

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