Which country invented table tennis

Table tennis was invented in Britain and named after the "Ping Pang" sound when it hit. In Chinese mainland, pingpong is its official name, and Hongkong and Macao are also the same.

Table tennis, known as China's "national ball", is a world popular ball sport, including attack, confrontation and defense.

Which country invented table tennis

Extended data:

In January 1926, an international table tennis match was held in Berlin, Germany, in which 64 male athletes from 9 countries participated. In December of the same year, the International Table Tennis Federation was officially established and named the European Championship held in London the first World Table Tennis Championship.

Which country invented table tennis

Table tennis is divided into group, singles, doubles, mixed doubles and so on; Before September 1, 2001, it was divided into one bureau with 21 points, and now it is divided into one bureau with 11 points; Two wins in three sets, three wins in five sets and four wins in seven sets. Table tennis is a round ball, weighing 2.53 ~ 2.70g, white or orange, a new plastic ball with high molecular polymer as raw material.

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