Can Feng Youjing get on the plane

Fengyoujing can be brought on the plane, but Fengyoujing is a liquid that can be carried on the plane. The liquid required for a single piece shall not exceed 100ml, and shall also be placed in a separate bag for bottle opening inspection. However, if Fengyoujing exceeds 100ml, you can handle consignment.

Can Feng Youjing get on the plane

Items that cannot be transported as checked baggage:

Important documents and materials, securities, currency, bills of exchange, jewelry, precious metals and their products, silver products, valuables, antiques, calligraphy and paintings, fragile or easily damaged articles, perishable articles, samples, travel documents and other items requiring special care shall not be checked in or sandwiched in baggage, but shall be brought into the cabin as self-care baggage or free carry on items for transportation.

Can Feng Youjing get on the plane

Expansion materials:

The main ingredients of essential balm are camphor and menthol. These herbs have the effect of regulating qi, so they can be taken orally, and no side effects have been found. In general, the main effect of oral Fengyoujing is to treat sore throat.

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