Are rabbits and mice the same kind of animals

Rabbits and mice are not the same kind of animals. Rabbits belong to the order Lagomorpha of Mammalia, while mice belong to the family rodentidae of Mammalia.

Mice are small, sexually mature early, have strong vitality, and like to bite and steal human food and supplies; Rabbits are relatively large, and their hair and skin are useful substances for humans.

Are rabbits and mice the same kind of animals


Rabbit is the general name of all genera of mammalian rabbit family. Commonly known as rabbit. The biological classification is: mammalia and Lagomorpha of vertebrate subphylum in chordate of animal kingdom.

Rabbits have long tubular ears (the length of the ears is several times greater than the width of the ears), short tufted tails, and strong hind legs much longer than the forelimbs. There are 9 genera and 43 species. East Asia, South Asia, Africa and North America have the most species, and a few species are distributed in Europe and South America. Some species are widely distributed or introduced into many regions, while many species are very limited. Terrestrial, mostly found in desert, desertification grassland, tropical sparse forest, dry grassland and forest or forest.

Are rabbits and mice the same kind of animals


Mice are rodents of Mammalia, rodents and rodentidae, commonly known as "mice". The mode of reproduction is viviparous. They are the animals with the fastest reproduction and strong survival ability among mammals. There are about 480 species of rodents in the world. Their footprints can be seen indoors and outdoors.

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