Everyone retreated behind me. Where did they come from

Specific source: [everyone back behind me!] - huanglongji 01 (at the critical moment of the battle of the wilderness mountain road, Cang wants to use the trapped array.)

"Everyone back behind me" means: everyone back behind me. It is the line of "string head", one of the classic characters in thunderbolt puppet show.

Everyone retreated behind me. Where did they come from

Extended data:

Pili puppet show is a kind of puppet show series written by Huang Qianghua and co-ordinated by Huang Wenze. The thunderbolt series is named after the word "Thunderbolt" in front of the title of each drama series. The thunderbolt puppet drama, which was originally started with thunderbolt city in 1984 and is now familiar and recognized by everyone, refers to the period after thunderbolt golden light in 1988.

The plot of thunderbolt puppet show is based on the three main characters of thunderbolt, Qingxiang bailiansu Zhenzhen, Baishi Jinglun one page book, knife crazy sword crazy ye Xiaochai, and the world Wulin story is derived and developed. The episodes are not only linked, but also independent.

Everyone retreated behind me. Where did they come from

The characteristic of pili puppet show is that in addition to the martial arts plot of swordsman play in traditional puppet show and the emphasis on poetic style and humor in literary play, it has developed many wild plots. And many weapons and props similar to modern technology.

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