Are snails poisonous

Most snails are poisonous. Only white jade snails, Jiangxi Ba snails and Malaba snails are not poisonous. Snail is a kind of mollusc living on land. It is a terrestrial mollusc with high edible, medicinal and health value. Its edible and medicinal history has been more than 2000 years. It is also one of the game in foreign countries.

Are snails poisonous

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Snails are terrestrial shellfish molluscs. They have lived on the earth since ancient times. Most snails are poisonous and inedible. There are about 11 kinds of snails with edible value in China, such as brown cloud agate snails, high ring mouth snails, Hainan Jian snails, wrinkled scar Jian snails, Jiangxi Ba snails, Malaba snails, white jade snails, etc. There are mainly three kinds of snails used for food and artificial breeding all over the world: French snails, garden snails and agate snails.

Are snails poisonous

Snails come out day and night, like Yin, dark tide and humidity, afraid of light and heat. It mostly inhabits in the environment of overgrown weeds, lush trees, lush crops, loose soil with much humus, litter piles, caves, and under branches, fallen leaves and stones. The foraging range is very wide, and the staple food is all kinds of vegetables, weeds, melon peel, leaves, stems, buds, flowers and juicy fruits of crops.

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