Can cats eat ham sausage

Cats can't eat ham sausage. The high salt content in ham sausage will lead to cat renal failure and severe hair removal. Secondly, many cats like to eat ham sausage and don't dislike its saltiness. It is because the taste of the cat is underdeveloped. There are no sweat glands on the cat's skin. The salt in the body needs to be excreted through the kidney. Too much salt will aggravate the burden on the kidney.

Can cats eat ham sausage

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Cat litter should be prepared for raising cats. Cats will not be convenient on hard ground, so the effect of preparing cat litter is the best. No condition can prepare ordinary sand, so that the cat is used to defecating in a fixed litter.

Cat toys: cats like toys, especially round things such as rubber balls, paper balls, thread balls or balloons. They can also hang some floating ribbons, paper strips and cloth strips.

Can cats eat ham sausage

Regularly combing the cat's hair can keep the hair fluffy and clean, and comb the floating hair to avoid swallowing. In addition, combing the cat's hair is also a good opportunity to build feelings.

In addition, cats are carnivores. Meat and fish are high phosphorus foods, rich in animal protein, but eating these foods alone will cause a lack of calcium. Therefore, in order to prevent constipation, give the cat some vegetables and fruits.

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