What does human resources do

Human resources, in an enterprise, is personnel management, that is, common recruitment, training, performance, salary, employee relations, etc. The human resources department is the Department that manages the resources formed by various personnel in the enterprise.

The work of human resources personnel is carried out around six modules: human resources management, human resources training and development module, human resources salary management, human resources management and competition, employee and labor relations, safety, security and health.

What does human resources do

Extended data:

Under the guidance of modern scientific methods, effectively use relevant human resources inside and outside the enterprise through management forms such as recruitment, selection, training and compensation. This is the concept of human resources.

The main work contents of human resources include human resources planning, recruitment and allocation, training and development, performance management, salary and welfare, labor relations management, etc. Generally speaking, human resource management is still very important in a unit. It plays a connecting role, contacts all parties and maintains operation, just like the role of lubricating oil.

What does human resources do

The human resources specialty will systematically and completely train the trainees on personnel recruitment, performance appraisal and management, salary system, employee training, labor relations and other aspects from the construction of human resources management system, human resources planning and organizational behavior, so as to cultivate senior applied talents with certain ability to solve practical problems and engage in human resources management.

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