Watermelon seeds are white. Can you eat them

Watermelon seeds are white and can be eaten, and the texture is relatively soft. When eating, they can be swallowed directly into the stomach. But try to eat as little as possible, because the watermelon seeds are white, because melon farmers will apply a small amount of synthetic plant growth regulators on the melon handle in the early stage to assist the watermelon fruit. This kind of watermelon seeds are white.

Watermelon seeds are white. Can you eat them

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Of course, this kind of artificial intervention watermelon will be more convenient to eat, because this kind of watermelon is also called seedless watermelon, so this seedless watermelon doesn't need to spit Western melon seeds. Many people think it's very delicious, and it's also very enjoyable to eat, so we can eat this kind of watermelon at ease.

Watermelon seeds are white. Can you eat them

How to distinguish ripening watermelon:

Look: watermelons mature mainly by sunshine accumulated temperature. Generally, the maturity period of greenhouse watermelons is about 35 days, and the mature watermelon seeds are black. Although the flesh of the ripened watermelon is red, the seeds are still shriveled and white. When buying, just look at whether the seeds are black or white, and you can tell whether they are ripening melons.

Taste: the sweetness of normal mature melon is more than 9 degrees, and the taste is very good. The ripened melon is sour in the mouth and has almost no sweetness.

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