Can you eat black insects in rice

Small black insects can eat rice, but the rice needs to be cleaned before eating. Although these black insects are not toxic, they will leave some excreta in the rice. In order to avoid adverse effects on the human body, the rice should be cleaned as many times as possible before cooking. At the same time, the rice jar needs to be cleaned regularly in daily life to avoid insect eggs hiding in the rice jar.

Can you eat black insects in rice

Prevention methods:

At ordinary times, clean the rice storage tank or bucket to prevent winter pupae from hiding inside. Once the rice worm is found, the rice can be dried in a cool place to let the worm fly away or climb out. The rice can be eaten after removing the worm. Do not expose rice to the sun.

Blow dry the water on the skin of new garlic and decompose it into petals. Place it directly in the rice jar and bury some in the deep and shallow places. This method can also be used to prevent insects.

Prepare several small clean gauze pieces, each wrapped with a little pepper seeds, tied and placed in rice. If you use rice bags to hold rice, you can first soak the rice bags in the boiled pepper juice for 10 minutes, and then hold the rice after drying, which also has the effect of insect prevention.

Can you eat black insects in rice

Expand knowledge:

As long as the situation of rice insects is not too serious and the number of insects can be counted, they can be removed one by one, so the cleaned rice can be used safely. However, if there are too many insects and it is impossible to remove them by washing rice, it is recommended to throw away all the rice to avoid the continuous reproduction of rice insects and harm the newly bought rice.

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