Durian core can be eaten. Durian seeds are mild in nature and contain a variety of trace elements. They taste like chestnuts. They are often used to cook soup. Durian seeds are often used for stewing soup and meat in central and South Asia. They not only taste delicious. Durian core is extremely nutritious, contains a lot of sugar and high calories. The protein content was 2.7%, the fat content was 4.1%, and the carbohydrate content was 9.7%.


In addition, it is rich in vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Studies have proved that vitamin A is an essential micronutrient for human body.


How to eat:

1. After buying a Durian bud, separate the meat core, and directly open your mouth to eat the meat with your teeth.

2. It is suggested that friends who want to try durian core should first separate the core and meat by hand, and do not directly chew the meat and spit the core, which is not hygienic.

3. Put the pot under water, cook over medium heat for about 20 minutes, take it out and cool it with cold water.

4. Peel the core carefully. The texture of this core is similar to that of other nuts. It feels a little powdery after cooking.

5. The outer layer is dark, even with some gum. It feels like eating chestnuts and taro.

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