Is it poisonous to soak dry Tremella all night

Dry Tremella bubble is not poisonous all night, but soaking too long will lead to the decline of nutritional value. However, if the soaking time is too long, its nutrients will be reduced and nitrite, a harmful component, will be produced. So soak Tremella in cold water or warm boiled water for 3-4 hours, and then wash it with clean water.

Is it poisonous to soak dry Tremella all night

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Tremella contains nutrients such as protein, fat, a variety of amino acids, minerals and liver sugar, but after soaking in water, these nutrients can become a food source for microorganisms to breed and reproduce, resulting in deterioration of Tremella. Usually, tremella after soaking for two days will contain more or less some bacteria and bacteria, Therefore, after soaking for so long, don't continue to eat silver ears, so as not to be harmful to your health.

Is it poisonous to soak dry Tremella all night

Judgment method:

Look at the appearance: the soaked white Tremella can be eaten if it is white, fluffy and crystal, and there are no mildew and spots on it. However, if it is found that the appearance color is yellowish, with mildew and spots, it cannot be eaten.

Touch texture: if the soaked Tremella is soft, tender and elastic, and does not feel sticky, then such Tremella is fresh and delicious, but if it feels sticky, it means that Tremella has been soaked for too long and has deteriorated.

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