Is the liquid in the fluorescent stick poisonous

The liquid in the fluorescent rod is poisonous. Most of the fluorescent substances in the fluorescent rod contain low toxic components such as benzoic acid. Once they are bent and leaked, they will be accidentally inhaled or touched by children, which will cause nausea, dizziness, paralysis, coma and other injuries. If the liquid accidentally splashes on the body or eyes, wash it immediately and see a doctor immediately if necessary.

Is the liquid in the fluorescent stick poisonous

light stick:

The chemicals in the fluorescent rod are mainly composed of three substances: peroxides, esters and fluorescent dyes. In short, the principle of fluorescent rod luminescence is that peroxide reacts with ester compounds, transmits the energy after reaction to fluorescent dyes, and then the dyes emit fluorescence. As long as the use method is correct and the outer package is not broken, the liquid fluorescent rod will not cause too much harm to the human body.

Is the liquid in the fluorescent stick poisonous

Use occasion:

Entertainment: concert and KTV users hold hands and wave to enhance the atmosphere. It can be made into various toys, such as glasses, bracelets, earrings, luminous balls, rings, swords, pendants, etc., to create a romantic atmosphere.

Outdoor: it can be used in camping, mountaineering, exploration and other fields, and its functions are lighting, warning, interconnection, rescue, etc. It has three recognition functions: sound, color and light.

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