Can pets get on the plane

Pets can get on the plane, but they cannot enter the cabin with their owners. Only guide dogs, hearing dogs and other working dogs chartered by airlines can be placed in the cabin, and other pets can only be placed in the oxygen cabin of the flight as baggage. In addition, general airlines do not ship animals during pregnancy, lactation and delivery within 48 hours.

Can pets get on the plane

According to civil aviation regulations of China, small animals transported by airlines refer to domestic domesticated dogs, cats, birds or other pets, wild animals and animals with strange shapes or easy to hurt people, such as snakes, which can not be transported as luggage, but can be transported as goods.

Can pets get on the plane

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Three certificates are required for pets consigned by aircraft: animal health immunization certificate, animal quarantine certificate and transport equipment disinfection certificate. The immunization certificate is handled in the local pet hospital, and the quarantine certificate and disinfection certificate are handled in the local animal quarantine office; Before purchasing air tickets, it is best to apply to the airline for pet aerobic class more than 3 days in advance.

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