Purpose and function of tablet

Tablet uses and functions:

1. Play games, watch TV and listen to music.

2. Call: not all tablets have the function of calling. You can only call with a phone card.

3. Office functions: general office functions and e-mail sending and receiving functions are available. Business trips and tourism will not affect office.

4. Learning and entertainment: it is conducive to children's learning and entertainment, and can shield bad content at the same time.

5. Photographing and face recognition.

6. Intelligent reading: both reading and listening.

7. Navigation function.

Purpose and function of tablet

Extended data:

Tablet computer is a small, portable personal computer, which takes the touch screen as the basic input device.

In September 1989, grid systems successfully manufactured the first commercial tablet computer and named it grid pad. The real commercialization should start from Microsoft's net strategy conference in the millennium. Until 2010, Apple iPad set off an upsurge of tablet computers all over the world. Tablet computers have had a revolutionary impact on the traditional PC industry and even the whole 3C industry.

Tablet computer integrates mobile commerce, mobile communication and mobile entertainment. It has the functions of handwriting recognition and wireless network communication. It is called the terminator of netbook.

Purpose and function of tablet

According to the structural design, tablets can be roughly divided into two types, namely "variable tablet" with integrated keyboard and "pure tablet" with external keyboard. The tablet computer itself has built some new application software. As long as users write on the screen, they can input text or hand drawn graphics into the computer.

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