Can bacon pass the plane security check

Bacon can pass the plane security check. For domestic flights, as long as the packaging is intact, it is usually not limited to carry bacon, salted fish, sausage and other meat products such as preserved pork on the plane, which can be consigned or carried with you.

However, international flights have stricter regulations on inspection and quarantine, and it is likely that food such as meat products cannot leave the country.

Can bacon pass the plane security check

Food prohibited items include milk, pickles, fresh seafood and other fresh fruits, tropical fruits with special strong aroma, such as jackfruit, durian, and fermented foods like pickled tofu, honey, shrimp sauce, chili sauce, etc., which can not be carried on the aircraft, and can be checked if necessary.

Can bacon pass the plane security check

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Since August 2015, the civil aviation public security bureau has successively issued the notice of the Public Security Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China on maintaining civil aviation order and ensuring air transportation safety and the notice on reiterating the prohibition of passengers carrying lighters and matches on civil aircraft to remind passengers to consciously abide by relevant civil aviation laws, regulations and rules, And investigated and dealt with a large number of cases endangering civil aviation safety and operation order.

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