Can 8 bottles of nail polish gel pass the security check

Nail polish glue can pass the security check, but the limit is 20ml.

According to Article 7 of the announcement on Prohibitions and restrictions on carrying goods at railway stations; The following items are limited: no more than 20 milliliters of nail polish, light remover and hair coloring agent. Self spraying pressure vessels such as perm, mousse, hair gel, insecticide and air freshener not exceeding 120ml; Safety match 2 small box; 2 ordinary lighters.

Can 8 bottles of nail polish gel pass the security check

The security inspection procedures mainly include:

1. Baggage inspection:

When entering the airport hall, passengers first put their luggage on the conveyor belt of X-ray security inspection equipment (not TV detector), and the staff pasted the self-adhesive strip of "XX airport luggage security inspection" after passing the TV fluorescent screen inspection.

2. Passenger certificate inspection

After the passenger has checked in his / her luggage and checked in, he / she shall submit his / her passport, ticket and boarding pass to the inspector for verification, and affix the safety inspection seal on the boarding pass.

3. Hand luggage inspection

Put your hand luggage on the conveyor belt of the TV monitor and the inspector will check it through the fluorescent screen. If foreign matters are found, the inspector must open the package for inspection.

4. Passenger physical examination

Passengers pass through the special detection door for physical examination. If the alarm sounds, the detector needs to check again or return again. Take out the keys, cigarettes, lighters and other metal items that may sound the alarm until the alarm sound is no longer heard when passing through.

Can 8 bottles of nail polish gel pass the security check

Things prohibited during security inspection:

Guns and ammunition, controlled knives, inflammables and explosives, corrosive substances, highly toxic substances and other dangerous goods cannot be brought into the station. It should be reminded that toy balloons filled with combustible gas, gasoline, paint, compressed gas cylinders, magnetic objects, etc. cannot be brought.

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