What kind of garbage does pet dung belong to

Pet feces do not belong to the garbage classification. Pet feces belong to the urban feces treatment system. At home, the owner can directly throw the feces into the toilet for flushing; Outdoors, the owner of the excreted excrement needs to take it home after it is packed in paper or plastic bags, and throw the excrement into the toilet for flushing. All the paper or plastic bags or any waste related to pet products are thrown into the dry waste classification.

What kind of garbage does pet dung belong to

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Garbage classification is a reform of the traditional way of garbage collection and disposal. It is a scientific management method for effective disposal of garbage. Facing the increasing waste output and the deterioration of environmental conditions, how to maximize the utilization of waste resources, reduce the number of waste disposal and improve the living environment through waste classification management is an urgent problem of common concern all over the world.

What kind of garbage does pet dung belong to

The benefits of waste classification are obvious. After classification, the waste is sent to the factory instead of the landfill, which not only saves the land, but also avoids the pollution caused by landfill or incineration, and can turn waste into treasure. In this battle between man and garbage, people turned garbage from enemies into friends. Therefore, classified collection of waste can reduce the waste treatment capacity and treatment equipment, reduce the treatment cost and reduce the consumption of land resources, which has social, economic and ecological benefits.

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