What season is the lotus leaf

The lotus leaf is a description of summer. The whole sentence is followed by the endless green lotus leaves. It comes from the two poems "giving linzifang to Jingci temple at dawn" written by Yang Wanli, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty. In the poem, June refers to the June of the lunar calendar, that is, summer, which is also the hottest month of the year. The lotus leaves in the next day are boundless, describing that the lotus leaves are dense and boundless, and the peak growth season of lotus is summer.

What season is the lotus leaf

The original text of "two songs to Lin Zifang from Jingci temple at dawn":

After all, the scenery of the West Lake in June is different from that of the four seasons.

The lotus leaves in the sky are infinitely green, and the lotus in the sun is very red.

Two poems of sending linzifang to Jingci temple at dawn:

In June, the scenery of the West Lake is different from that of other seasons. The dense lotus leaves spread out and connected with the blue sky. There is an endless green and green, and the graceful lotus buds are in full bloom. Under the sunshine, they look particularly bright and red.

What season is the lotus leaf

About the author:

Yang Wanli (October 29, 1127 - June 15, 1206), named Tingxiu, No. Chengzhai, and No. Chengzhai wild guest. Jizhou Jishui (now pongtang village, Huangqiao Township, Jishui County, Jiangxi Province) people. As a writer and official in the Southern Song Dynasty, Lu You, you Kuang and Fan Chengda are known as the "four poets of ZTE" in the Southern Song Dynasty. Because song Guangzong wrote the word "Chengzhai" for him, scholars call him "Mr. Chengzhai". Yang Wanli's poems have their own style, forming a Chengzhai style that has a great impact on later generations.

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