Can a cat get on a plane

Cats can get on the plane, but they are transported by checked baggage and cannot enter the cabin with their owners. The cat needs to prepare the air box and quarantine certificate before air transportation, which needs to be handled by relevant departments.

It's best to expel the insects before the cat is checked in. If it's a long-distance transportation, it's also necessary to prepare some food and water. Cats with particularly strong stress response or particularly timid can spray some sprays to relieve the cat's mood in the aviation box in advance.

Can a cat get on a plane

Precautions for handling consignment of cats:

Cats need to be vaccinated first, because there will be many cats, dogs and other animals in the cabin by air. Some animals may carry viruses. Therefore, it is best to vaccinate one month in advance, and prepare the air box and handle the quarantine certificate. Handling the quarantine certificate requires proof of rabies vaccine, so you must go to a regular hospital to inject rabies vaccine, and then handle the quarantine certificate.

Can a cat get on a plane

Moreover, the supervision office can only issue the quarantine certificate 21 days after the rabies vaccination, and the validity period of the certificate is only within 5 days after the issuance of the certificate, so it is necessary to plan the flight time and vaccination time.

The cat can be put into the air box before departure and reinforced with adhesive tape around. It is best to arrive at the airport cargo office three hours in advance. Carry out weighing, payment, security inspection, receipt and other procedures. After arriving at the destination, the pet owner can go to the baggage claim area to get the cat back.

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