Another name of traditional Chinese Medicine

The nicknames of traditional Chinese medicine are Chinese medicine and national medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine generally refers to the medicine based on the traditional medicine created by the working people of the Chinese Han nationality. It is a discipline that studies human physiology, pathology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine carries the experience and theoretical knowledge of ancient Chinese people in fighting diseases. It is a mature medical theoretical system gradually formed and developed through long-term medical practice under the guidance of ancient simple materialism and spontaneous dialectics.

Another name of traditional Chinese Medicine

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The theory of traditional Chinese medicine comes from the summary of medical experience and the thought of Yin Yang and five elements in ancient China. Its contents include the theory of essence and Qi, the theory of yin and Yang and five elements, Qi, blood and body fluid, Zang Xiang, meridians, physique, etiology, pathogenesis, treatment principles, health preservation, etc.

As early as more than 2000 years ago, the monograph of traditional Chinese medicine Huangdi Neijing came out, which laid the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine. Today, the theory, diagnosis and treatment of Chinese traditional medicine can be found in this book.

Another name of traditional Chinese Medicine

The theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine is gradually formed under the guidance of materialism and dialectics after long-term clinical practice. It comes from practice and in turn guides practice.

Through the analysis of the phenomenon, in order to explore its internal mechanism. Therefore, this unique theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine has two basic characteristics: one is the overall concept, the other is syndrome differentiation and treatment.

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