What does Cinderella mean

Cinderella is the name of Cinderella in the fairy tale "Cinderella". In the Chinese translation, we only call her Cinderella. In fact, her name is Cinderella. Now "Cinderella" also refers to Cinderella like girls or love.

What does Cinderella mean

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The most popular version of Cinderella comes from the French writer Charles Perot. Pumpkin, fairy and crystal shoes have been added to this version. It was once thought that Cinderella in Perot's version used to wear shoes made of squirrel fur, but after the story was translated into English, the shoes were mistaken for crystal, leading to the emergence of crystal shoes. In this version, Cinderella finally forgives her two sisters.

What does Cinderella mean

Another famous version comes from the green brothers. In this version, it is not the fairy who helps Cinderella to attend the ball, but the wishing tree at her mother's grave. The golden shoes brought Cinderella luck. At the same time, the two sisters wanted to put on shoes by cutting off a small part of their feet in order to deceive the prince. The two birds reminded the prince that they pecked off the eyes of their two sisters at the end of the story.

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