What does hehe mean

Hehe is a Chinese word, which means:

1. Onomatopoeia referring to laughter.

2. It refers to a vague voice.

What "ha ha" often expresses in the network is that it expresses ridicule and disdain while negating the other party, which is usually easy to be misunderstood as ridicule.

What does hehe mean

Ah (H) ē) Basic explanation:

1. Angry blame: scold. Scold (also known as "scold").

2. Exhale: Oh, cold (breathing makes you warm). make smooth reading.

3. Onomatopoeia to describe Laughter: ha ha.

4. Exclamation: Oh, it's amazing!

What does hehe mean

Special meaning of "hehe":

1. Use ha ha to show that you have nothing to say about it. For example: hehe, everything you say is right.

2. Laugh at each other with ha ha. For example: Yes, you are the most beautiful, ha ha.

3. Use ha ha to express your dissatisfaction. For example: ah! Oh! You're the best!

4. Use ha ha to say that you don't want to chat with each other and deal with it perfunctorily. For example: hehe. Then there's no more.

5. The goddess's hehe is to show disdain for the loser.

6. Hehe means a strange smell of yin and Yang. For example: hehe, the eldest lady finally came.

7. Sometimes I play "ha ha", but I scold each other in my heart.

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