What is curry made of

Curry is made of turmeric, pepper, cumin, fennel, star anise, garlic, clove and other spices.

Curry is a variety of dishes with special flavors. The most famous curry cooking methods in India and Thailand have become one of the mainstream dishes in the Asia Pacific region.

Indian taste is a curry recipe famous for mixing the styles of all parties and making exotic dishes.

What is curry made of

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There are many kinds of curry, divided by countries. Its origins include India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc; According to the color, there are brown, red, green, yellow and white. There are more than ten kinds of curry to distinguish the types and tastes according to the details of ingredients. The collection of these different spices can form various unexpected rich flavors of various curries.

What is curry made of

The main ingredients of curry are spicy spices such as turmeric powder, Sichuan pepper, star anise, pepper, cinnamon, clove and coriander seed, which can promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, increase gastrointestinal peristalsis and enhance appetite. Curry can promote blood circulation and achieve the purpose of sweating, according to the American Cancer Research Association, Curcumin contained in curry can activate hepatocytes and inhibit cancer cells. Curry can also help wound healing and prevent Alzheimer's disease. Curry can improve constipation and is beneficial to intestinal health.

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