Can the umbrella get on the plane

Umbrellas can get on the plane. Folding umbrellas can be brought on the plane. Folding umbrellas with a length of less than 100 cm specified by aviation can be carried on the plane. The weight carried by passengers shall not exceed 5kg and the volume shall not exceed 20cm × 40 cm × 55 cm.

Can the umbrella get on the plane

Items that cannot pass the security check:

1. It is forbidden to carry guns, military and police equipment, controlled knives, inflammables, explosives and toxic substances on the aircraft.

2. Lighters, knives, foods with strong odor, fruits, etc.

3. liquid goods, including all liquids, paste, paste, gel and spray products. For example, mineral water, beverages, soup and syrup, cream, skin care liquid, skin care oil, perfume, shaving foam and fragrance spray, toothpaste, contact lens solution, hair styling and gel products for bathing.

Can the umbrella get on the plane

4. Cosmetics can be carried in limited quantities, and the container volume shall not exceed 100ml, excluding shampoo and shower gel.

5. patients with diabetes or other diseases can carry liquid medicines necessary for the journey, but produce a hospital certificate or doctor's prescription with their own name. The liquid dairy products carried by passengers with infants are allowed to take the plane after being confirmed by safety inspection.

6. Some flammable and explosive daily necessities can be carried with you in limited quantities, such as hair gel, mousse, collar net, brightener, insecticide, air freshener, etc., with a limit of 1 bottle of 350ml; The perfume is limited to 500 milliliters. The packaged Baijiu is limited to 1 kilograms.

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