What kind of garbage do leaves belong to

Leaves belong to wet garbage. Wet waste refers to the perishable biomass waste produced by daily domestic waste.

Wet waste mainly includes leftovers, melon peel and fruit core, flowers and green plants, expired food, animal viscera, tea residue, leaves, etc.

Wet waste release requires that pure liquid food waste, such as milk, should be directly poured into the water outlet. For wet waste with packaging, the packaging should be removed and classified. Please put the packaging into the corresponding recyclable or dry waste container.

What kind of garbage do leaves belong to

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Garbage classification generally refers to a series of activities in which garbage is classified, stored, placed and transported according to certain regulations or standards, so as to be transformed into public resources.

The purpose of classification is to improve the resource value and economic value of waste and strive to make the best use of it. Classified garbage collection can reduce the amount of garbage treatment and treatment equipment, reduce the treatment cost and reduce the consumption of land resources. It has social, economic and ecological benefits.

What kind of garbage do leaves belong to

Garbage belongs to the private property of the public in the classified storage stage. After being classified and released by the public, it becomes a regional quasi public resource of the community where the public is located. After being classified and transported to the garbage concentration point or transfer station, it becomes a non exclusive public resource.

From the classification methods of domestic waste in cities at home and abroad, it is generally classified according to the composition and production of waste, combined with the resource utilization and treatment methods of local waste.

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