What kind of garbage does the mobile phone battery belong to

Mobile phone batteries are hazardous waste. Hazardous waste refers to waste that causes direct or potential harm to human health or the natural environment.

Common hazardous wastes include waste batteries (rechargeable batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, button batteries, etc.), waste paints, disinfectants, fluorescent tubes, mercury containing thermometers, waste drugs and their packaging, etc.

What kind of garbage does the mobile phone battery belong to

Hazardous waste release requirements:

Pay attention to handle with care when placing hazardous waste by classification. Among them, hazardous wastes such as waste lamp tubes that are easy to be damaged shall be put in after packaging or wrapping; Waste drugs should be put together with packaging; Pesticide and other pressure canned containers shall be emptied and put into use; When hazardous waste is generated in public places and no corresponding collection container is found, it shall be carried to the hazardous waste delivery point for proper delivery.

What kind of garbage does the mobile phone battery belong to

Significance of waste classification:

Garbage classification is a reform of the traditional way of garbage collection and disposal. It is a scientific management method for effective disposal of garbage. Facing the increasing waste output and the deterioration of environmental conditions, how to maximize the utilization of waste resources, reduce the number of waste disposal and improve the living environment through waste classification management is an urgent problem of common concern all over the world.

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