Can I get on the plane

Fruit can get on the plane. Domestic airlines can carry fruits on the plane, but it should be noted that not all fruits, such as durian, will affect passengers' mood because of its heavy taste; Coconut, because the coconut water in coconut is liquid; Jackfruit, because of its high sugar content, will volatilize in the air and produce a bad smell.

Can I get on the plane

Whether the fruit can be consigned:

Fruit can be consigned. For domestic flights, if the weight of the fruit you carry is more than 10 kg, you can't take it on the plane, but you can handle the fruit consignment. Just note that when handling the fruit consignment, you need to seal and pack it in a special fruit box. Generally, you can buy it near the airport. I don't know where to ask the airport staff.

Can I get on the plane

International flights are generally not recommended to handle consignment, because in most countries, for their own national security and interests, fresh goods are generally prohibited from consignment, and decay will occur if the time is too long.

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