How to deal with moldy cutting board

How to deal with moldy cutting board: you can use stainless steel cleaning wire or sandpaper to rub the place with moldy spots, and then rinse with water and scald with boiling water, but this method can not completely remove the moldy spots. You can also dip the vegetable board in rice washing water, scrub it with salt or alkali, pour some vinegar on the vegetable board after washing, dry it in the sun, and then wash it with clean water.

How to deal with moldy cutting board

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The chopping board is an excellent place for bacteria to hide. The uneven knife marks on the board are full of nutrients and dark and humid, which is just suitable for the survival and reproduction of bacteria. Someone observed with a microscope and found that there were 2 million Staphylococcus, tens of thousands of Escherichia coli and other bacteria on the cutting board per square centimeter.

How to deal with moldy cutting board

Most families in China are used to cutting lettuce and cooked vegetables with the same chopping board. Cutting cooked food on these chopping boards full of bacteria will naturally be stained with a lot of bacteria and then enter the gastrointestinal tract, causing the occurrence of digestive system and other system diseases. Therefore, paying attention to the hygiene of cutting board is an important part of improving dietary hygiene.

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