What kind of garbage does clam shell belong to

Clam shells are dry waste. Dry garbage refers to other garbage, which refers to other domestic wastes except recyclables, hazardous garbage and kitchen waste (wet garbage). Although the harm of dry waste is relatively small, it should be noted that it can not be recycled.

What are the dry wastes:

Common types of dry waste include napkin, toilet paper, diaper, cat litter, dog urine pad, stained paper, cigarette butts, desiccant, hair, lime soil, slag, shell, plasticine, space sand, glue, tape, flowerpot, towel, stained plastic, nylon products, woven bags and shatterproof bubble film.

What kind of garbage does clam shell belong to

In addition, some disposable tableware, mirrors, ceramic products, bamboo baskets, bamboo chopsticks, toothpicks and other bamboo products, as well as some items with complex components, such as umbrellas, pens, glasses, lighters and so on, are dry waste and can not be recycled.

What kind of garbage does clam shell belong to

Extended data:

Although the harm of dry waste is relatively small, it can not be reused. Generally, sanitary landfill is adopted, which can reduce pollution. There is no other effective treatment method, so dry waste is also inconvenient to be treated.

Sanitary landfill is also known as "final disposal" or "harmless disposal" of solid waste, and there are two ways of land landfill and marine landfill. Sanitary landfill mostly refers to land landfill, which is a more economical and effective method than marine landfill.

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