Can the spray get on the plane?

Moisturizing spray can be used on aircraft, but can only carry a moisturizing spray that does not exceed 100ml.

According to the CAAC regulations, a small amount of liquid cosmetics can be carried on domestic flights, including liquid, paste, gel, spray and so on, but only one piece of each cosmetic is available, and the capacity can not exceed 100ml.

At the same time, all cosmetics need to be packed in an independent transparent plastic bag with a capacity of no more than one liter and can be repeatedly opened. They also need to undergo bottle opening inspection before they can be brought on the plane.

Can the spray get on the plane?

Extended data:

Moisturizing spray is the most common spray. They are generally composed of natural mineral springs or hot spring water, and contain a large number of minerals and trace elements. Moisturizing spray can not only moisturize skin whenever and wherever possible, but also regulate skin oil and water balance, relieve skin pressure, resist allergy and increase skin's natural protection function.

Can the spray get on the plane?

When in use, it can be sprayed directly on the face after cleansing in the morning and evening to further improve the cleaning steps. It can also be used at any time, especially in hot summer, when the skin feels dry and hot, gently spray it, and immediately feel fresh and smooth. In addition, it can also be used in autumn and winter to fight against skin dryness and let the skin drink water anytime and anywhere.

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