Can eggs get on the plane

Raw eggs can't get on the plane. According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, it is strictly prohibited for passengers to carry all liquid goods on board. Raw eggs are liquid, which are also prohibited items and must be checked in. Vulnerable and perishable foods such as poultry and eggs, seafood and fruits are also restricted items when they are checked on the plane, and protective measures need to be taken before they can be checked.

Can eggs get on the plane

Items that cannot be carried by aircraft:

1. Firearms, military or police equipment and controlled knives, if carried, will be confiscated and cannot be consigned.

2. Alcohol, lighters, fireworks and other inflammable and explosive articles can neither be carried nor checked.

3. Drinks and other liquids cannot be brought on the plane. If there is liquid in the cup during security inspection, it must be poured out in advance.

4. Generally, fruit knives with a blade length of less than 6cm can be checked in by baggage, but they cannot be carried on the plane.

Can eggs get on the plane

5. Power supplies, such as mobile phone batteries, can only be carried in mobile phones, but can not be checked through luggage.

6. Cosmetics with a capacity greater than 100ml shall be checked in baggage.

7. Except for the above items, embargoes, restricted goods and dangerous goods stipulated by the state and airlines cannot be carried or checked in.

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