What effect does sodium have on human body

Effects of sodium on human body:

1. Sodium participates in the contraction of skeletal muscle, which can produce conditioned reflex. Without the participation of sodium, it will lead to muscle weakness.

2. Sodium participates in the movement of the nervous system. The movement of the nervous system depends on the reflex arc, in which sodium plays a very important role.

What effect does sodium have on human body

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Sodium is a very important ion to the human body, because it is the main ion component to maintain the osmotic pressure of the body. At the same time, it is also the main component to maintain the charge stability of cell membrane. Because the cell membrane has a sodium potassium pump, it mainly regulates the charge stability and the osmotic pressure stability of the internal environment inside and outside the cell.

Sodium is one of the main components of human muscle and nerve tissue. It is a buffer of blood pH. It participates in water metabolism, ensures water balance in the body, and regulates water and osmotic pressure in the body. Sodium ion is also an important component of human body fluid. Sodium ion is contained in sweat, urine, bile and pancreatic juice.

What effect does sodium have on human body

Sodium can maintain normal blood pressure and enhance nerve and muscle excitability. It is related to energy production, utilization, muscle exercise and energy metabolism. Sodium is also required for sugar metabolism and oxygen utilization.

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