What is the effect of pulsating drinks

Pulsating beverage has the function of refreshing and anti fatigue. Drinking pulsating beverage will alleviate fatigue and contribute to mental state. Because the pulsating components are mainly high calorie and high vitamin components, it can temporarily supplement the energy and heat in the body. But don't drink too much or for a long time, especially children and teenagers.

What is the effect of pulsating drinks


A lot of exercise will cause sweating, resulting in a large loss of potassium, sodium and other electrolytes, resulting in physical fatigue, even cramps, resulting in the decline of exercise ability. At this time, drink pulsating sports drinks, because the sodium and potassium contained in the drinks are not only used to supplement the sodium and potassium lost in sweat, but also help the retention of water in blood vessels, so that the body can get more sufficient water and maintain the normal balance of body fluid.

Secondly, people will cause a large consumption of muscle glycogen during exercise, and the muscle will increase the intake of blood glucose, so it will cause the decrease of blood glucose and produce a sense of fatigue. At this time, drinking pulsating sports drinks can quickly supplement energy because they contain carbohydrates.

What is the effect of pulsating drinks

Taboo groups:

People with hypertension will raise their blood pressure by using sports drinks after exercise, so patients with hypertension should not drink more sports drinks. Sports drinks are drinks for athletes and workers working in high temperature environment. Many white-collar workers who often stay in air-conditioned rooms should not drink unless they sweat a lot.

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