What season is carambola fruit

Carambola is a fruit in summer and autumn. Flowering usually begins in April in spring and lasts until July. The fruit is ripe from July to December, so it is on the market in July. Strictly speaking, it belongs to summer, autumn and winter fruits. Secondly, carambola contains a variety of vitamins and has high business value. It is good for your health after eating.

What season is carambola fruit

Edible method:

If you think carambola tastes too sour, you can dip carambola in sugar, sprinkle some salt on carambola, marinate it with sugar for a period of time, or soak it in red vinegar. Carambola contains too much oxalic acid, so it is not suitable for patients with kidney disease.

What season is carambola fruit

nutritive value:

Strengthen the stomach and digestion. Carambola can improve the acidity of gastric juice and promote food digestion. Therefore, it is also a very good choice for people with poor digestion.

clearing away heat and toxic material. Carambola contains fiber and acid, which can relieve visceral heat accumulation, clear dryness, moisten intestines and defecate. It is the most suitable heat clearing fruit for those with heat in lung and stomach.

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